FMCSA shuts down two Motor Carriers.

March 24, 2014

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced it has shut down two separate trucking companies; both were issued imminent hazard out-of-service orders for various violations.

According to FMCSA, GEG Construction, Inc., based in Indian Orchard, Mass. was placed out of service because it failed to have a system in place requiring drivers to conduct a proper vehicle inspection. The carrier also failed to conduct proper repairs and maintenance on its vehicles. The fleet even operated trucks in an “out-of-service condition. The carrier also allowed a driver to operate its vehicles without a valid CDL.

Another trucking company ordered to shut down was Allen Quandahl, LLC. Again according to the FMCSA, the carrier did not ensure its trucks were properly inspected, repaired or maintained which resulted in additional collisions.

The same company did not ensure drivers complied with the FMCSA drug and alcohol requirements and testing policies. Additionally, Quandahl did not require its drivers to complete hours-of-service records (Log Books) or other required document and allowed a driver to operate without a CDL.

These are two more examples of failing to have a DOT Safety Management Plan in place. A sound Safety Management Plan is the key to avoiding costly problems like this with FMCSA.  


Recent Lawsuit challenging DataQs

March 18, 2014

A recent lawsuit reguarding DataQ challenges was filed by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) on behalf of its members and resulted in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit agreeing to hear the case. The ruling allows the association to file a federal district court challenge.

The case was filed because the OOIDA’s claims that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) refuses to remove certain safety events from its Safety M...

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FMCSA has stepped up its efforts of shutting down unsafe trucking fleets

June 11, 2013

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has increased its efforts over the last year aimed at closing down unsafe trucking companies. Statistics show the number of imminent-hazard out-of-service orders issued has increased by nearly five.  10 to 48 – in imminent-hazard out-of-service orders issued from fiscal 2011 to fiscal 2012.


If your company does not...

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Operation Roadcheck 2013.

May 30, 2013

Troopers and other Law Enforcement Officers are gearing up to start Operation Roadcheck 2013. The operation starts June 4 and continues through June 6. The annual three-day roadside commercial vehicle safety “blitz” will focus this year on cargo securement and changes in hours of service regulations. The event is organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, This operation involves thousands of CVSA-certified local, state and federal commercial vehicle inspections across North Am...

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The Department of Transportation's FMCSA Shuts down two more drivers this week.

May 24, 2013

New Mexico-based Bobby Cleveland was issued an imminent hazard out-of-service order after he was involved in a crash in April in which he overturned his truck and tanker, which was loaded with 2,400 gallons of propane. The propane spilled across Interstate 40, causing the highway to close temporarily.

In the second imminent hazard out-of-service order issued to a driver this month, the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has shut down South Carolin...

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The headline reads,Federal investigation targets Sampson County Trucking Company after the death of a 7-year-old at bus stop

April 29, 2013

Federal and State investigators are looking into another trucking company in North Carolina after a fatal collision. Hopefully the owner of this trucking company has complied with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and has a proper and complete Driver Qualification File on hand. "The job is not done unless the paperwork is complete". This is one of the first things the investigators will request and review in an investigation such as this. As an OWNER of Trucking Company, it is your...

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Hours of Service. Are you in compliance?

March 15, 2013

You may not be telling your drivers to falsify their logs but are you checking their log books to insure they are completing them correctly?  Does your company have a current Policy relating to this? This article is just one more reason why every company employing commercial drivers must have a company policy in place for its drivers as well as a process for checking behind drivers and insuring they are complying with FMCSA Regulations concerning hours of service.

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DOT Orders N.C.Company,Two Dayes Transport, to Shut Down.

December 22, 2012; Monday, December 17, 2012

DOT Orders Two Dayes Transport to Shut Down.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ordered Two Dayes Trucking and Two Dayes Transport, based in Murfreesboro, N.C.,
to immediately cease all transportation services due to a pattern of serious safety violations that pose an imminent hazard to public safety.
Agency investigators found the companies, which generally transport recycled steel and roofing shingles, and two of their drivers, had

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Another Trucking Company shuts down operations.

December 12, 2012

Trucking firm DC Transport in Interstate 70 fatal crash evades feds’ probe 

Byline: Tom Fontaine 

Federal investigators scrutinizing the company that employed a California trucker charged in a fatal Washington County crash might be chasing a shadow, police and trucking experts say.

“There is some concern about this being a chameleon carrier. That’s what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is trying to uncover,” said state police Lt. Ray Cook, director of the bureau...

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Headline: Proposed rule would make it easier for FMCSA to shut down reincarnated carriers

November 16, 2012

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will on Tuesday publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that gives the agency the ability to more quickly shut down carriers chameleon carriers.


The NPRM says the agency is targeting carriers which have “egregious” disregard for safety compliance, which permit persons who have shown egregious disregard for safety compliance to exercise controlling influence over their operations or which operate multiple entities under common control to...

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