The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced it has shut down two separate trucking companies; both were issued imminent hazard out-of-service orders for various violations.

According to FMCSA, GEG Construction, Inc., based in Indian Orchard, Mass. was placed out of service because it failed to have a system in place requiring drivers to conduct a proper vehicle inspection. The carrier also failed to conduct proper repairs and maintenance on its vehicles. The fleet even operated trucks in an “out-of-service condition. The carrier also allowed a driver to operate its vehicles without a valid CDL.

Another trucking company ordered to shut down was Allen Quandahl, LLC. Again according to the FMCSA, the carrier did not ensure its trucks were properly inspected, repaired or maintained which resulted in additional collisions.

The same company did not ensure drivers complied with the FMCSA drug and alcohol requirements and testing policies. Additionally, Quandahl did not require its drivers to complete hours-of-service records (Log Books) or other required document and allowed a driver to operate without a CDL.

These are two more examples of failing to have a DOT Safety Management Plan in place. A sound Safety Management Plan is the key to avoiding costly problems like this with FMCSA.