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With years of  Motor Carrier law enforcement to his credit, Wesley Waters is uniquely qualified to assist your Raleigh - Durham, Smithfield, Fayetteville, NC trucking company comply with Federal DOT laws. Contact him today to schedule your free consultation and learn how his services can help minimize your risk and strengthen your company's transportation safety position.

Control Substance and Alcohol Testing Procedures

In order to be in compliance with Federal Trucking Regulations, every company that operates Commercial Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of 26,000 lbs. must have in place a Drug & Alcohol Testing Program. We can assist companies in setting up and running such a program.

CDL Requirements

To be in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations a company must insure their drivers are properly licensed for the type and class of vehicle being operated. We can assist companies with this sometimes confusing task.

Minimum Levels of Financial Responsibility

Every Company operating Commercial Vehicles must have the correct amount of Insurance to cover their operations. We can assist with this assessment and the paperwork required.

Driver Qualification Files

The Federal Trucking Regulations require that every company who employees Commercial Driver have proper Driver Qualification file for every driver. We can guide and assist you with the creation and management of those files.

Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance Reports

We can assist you with the set up and management of required vehicle inspections and maintenance files. We can also advise companies on how and what DOT Inspectors look for while conducting Vehicle Inspections.

Fatigued Drivers and Hour of Service

The Federal Trucking Regulations relating to Drivers Hour of Service are complicated and confusing. We can help your company and drivers understand and comply with these regulations.

Driver Training

We can provide drivers training that will assist you and your drivers in understanding the Federal DOT Trucking Regulations and explain how to comply with them.

CVSA Roadside Inspections

CVSA stands for Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. This alliance sets the standards for industry and the enforcement community. As a North Carolina State Trooper I was CVSA Certified and conducted Hundreds of Roadside Inspections. I will put this training to work for you to insure your company is in compliance during a roadside inspection which will improve your CSA scores.

DOT Audits / New Entrance Audits

Are you worried about a possible State or Federal DOT Audit? We can conduct a Mock Audit which will serve to let you know if you are in DOT compliance and /or assist your company in preparation for a Compliance Audit or New Entrance Audit.

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