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Safety is cost effective and ITYS Compliance Safety Accountability consulting positions Raleigh-Durham,Smithfield, Fayetteville trucking companies to reap the benefits of compliance.

A Great Compliance Safety Accountability Management System Starts with:

Sounds Policies and Procedures

The Commercial Trucking Regulations are complicated for some to understand and comply with. The first place a company should start is with sound Company Policy and Procedures governing the behavior and performance of its employees involved in the operation of Commercial Motor Vehicles.

Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibilities

Clearly written Policies and Procedures begin when a company clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of its employees. A company communicates its expectations of employees through its policy and procedures. The road to State and Federal DOT Compliance starts there.

Qualifications and Hiring

In order to comply with the Federal DOT Trucking Regulations all companies must properly qualify any Commercial driver it hires prior to allowing that driver to operate a commercial motor vehicle owned by that company.

Training and Communication

Once a company has properly qualified and hired a driver it is of great importance to communicate the company’s expectations to this employee through its policy and procedures. Companies must ensure their drivers are trained and remain up to date on changes in policies, laws and regulations.

Monitoring and Tracking

Companies subject to the State and Federal DOT trucking laws must have sound processes in place which monitor employees and equipment for violations of company policy and procedures or mechanical defects.

Meaningful Action to Correct Problems

Once violations of policy by employees or mechanical defects with vehicles are noticed, meaningful action must be taken to correct these issues. This meaningful action protects the company and the employee and insures Compliance with DOT regulations.

The formula above begins the process of moving toward compliance with State and Federal DOT Regulations. These steps will also serve to reduce your company’s risk involving motor vehicle collisions, civil liability, workers compensation clams, and the list goes on. Contact me at ITYS Consulting, We can guide and assist you with these business concerns.

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