Charlotte- The NC Highway Patrol kicked off a new anti-texting campaign at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Sunday.

Colonel Michael Gilchrist announced the "No Texting, Just Driving" educational awareness campaign.

He says the campaign is designed to educate drivers on the dangers of distracted driving, especially texting.  The campaign is especially geared toward teen drivers.

"The Highway Patrol is committed to saving lives on our North Carolina Highways, said Gilchrist, "We intend to educate the motoring public on the dangers of texting while driving. No one person or organization can by themselves, change this behavior.  It is going to take the commitment from everyone to make this change."

June is the designated as the official "No Texting Just Driving" month. It is currently against the law in North Carolina to text and drive.  A conviction could cost motorists $100 in fines plus court costs.